Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bookcase Makeover

I am a Pinterest addict.  I saw this bookcase several months ago and absolutely fell in love.  I pinned it on my renovations board hoping to use the idea someday.  

Fast forward to last weekend and my parents gave my a tall white bookcase that could use a little TLC.  I immediately thought of the above bookcase.  They had used stencils and paint on the back but I thought that I could get the same effect with fabric.  Since it was going to be the hubster's bookcase, I let him pick out the fabric.  I have to say that I was impressed with his choice.  Its exactly what I would have picked.  Good thing we have the same taste ;)

Sunday evening I got working on my project.  I cut the fabric the size in between the shelves and used modge podge to glue the fabric to the back of the bookcase.   

It wasn't rocket science but a little hard on my knees.  The fabric tried to wrinkle a couple of times but I just carefully lifted and repositioned it.  The project took me 30 minutes to complete.  Just my style, short and sweet.

We waited for it to dry overnight and voila...a beautiful bookcase makeover.  And my mom liked it so much that she joked that she wanted it back!   

And why is that my boy bug who never wants his picture taken kept popping up in front of the camera this afternoon????

Too funny!!!

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